Evolution Of A Title Picture

See the stages of Sam's Journey's title picture from an all black-and-white drawing to a fully colorized picture!

Step 1: The Outlines

The cover art for Sam's Journey began as a highly detailed black-and-white drawing. It was made with a Wacom graphics tablet using Krita under Linux.

Step 2: The Colorization

The black-and-white drawing has been fully colorized, lighted and shaded. The result is the base for all of Sam's Journey's promotional images as well as the game's title picture.

Step 3: The Conversion

The colorful high-resolution cover art of Sam's Journey had a really tough time when it was squeezed into a draft picture with 320x200 pixels and 16 colors, the native graphics format of the Commodore 64.

Step 4: Pixel Voodoo

Many hours of manual pixeling work later, we finally got a great result: The C64 version of the original Sam's Journey color art work! :)

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