A Special Cartridge For Sam's Journey

Many people find that our current 8-bit platformer "Sam's Journey" for the Commodore 64 makes quite a consolesque impression. We're going to take this even further and put the game on a very special cartridge!

Sam's Journey Prototype Cartridge
Sam's Journey Prototype Cartridge

A lot of great game cartridges for the Commodore 64 exist out there, but in order to create a perfect console experience, we needed a very essential feature:

Savegames on the cartridge!

So we joined forces with our friends at individual Computers to design a special cartridge that not only contains the game itself but also keeps your progress safe!

The first prototype of this cartridge has now arrived with the following specs:

  • 4 MiBit of ROM for the game,
  • 2 KiB of storage for your savegames.

We're going to give it test-drive and report back very soon. Stay tuned!

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