Interview With Chester Kollschen By Dengeki Gamer

On this year's Gamescom, Dengeki Gamer interviewed Chester Kollschen, head of Knights of Bytes, about retro gaming in general and Sam's Journey in particular.

Chester Kollschen being interviewed by Dengeki Gamer
Chester Kollschen being interviewed by Dengeki Gamer
Picture © by RETURN

The interview was done quite spontaneously in the afternoon of the last day of the exhibition. Dengeki Gamer and Chester Kollschen talked about the growing interest in retro gaming, the Knights of Bytes' upcoming game Sam's Journey as well as Chester's first home computer.

Please click here to watch the German-language interview on YouTube.

Sam will be starring in Sam's Journey, a brand-new original scrolling platform game for the Commodore 64 with huge levels to be explored, hidden items to be found and secret passages to be discovered.