Sam Going To Jump THE 64, Too!

Have you heard of THE 64 yet? It's going to be a new interpretation of the Commodore 64 home computer - and Sam will be aboard!

Sam Going To Jump THE 64
Sam Going To Jump THE 64

We consider THE 64 to be a great device for retro fans who never had a C64 before and now want to enter the fantastic world of classic and modern C64 gaming.

We're going to create a special version of Sam's Journey for THE 64 by the end of the year so that backers and buyers of THE 64 can instantly join his adventure once the device gets released in December.


In 2016, there were talks about Sam's Journey and a device called THE 64, but no deal was signed eventually.

In the meantime, the C64mini was released. It is a completely different product, and it contains 64 classic C64 games.

However, the available disk edition of Sam's Journey can be played on a PAL C64mini as you can load games off D64 images from external USB media. The handling of in-game disk changes is said to be a bit tedious with the current firmware of the C64mini, but a future update is rumored to fix this.

The NTSC version of Sam's Journey, on the other hand, needs a REU in order to work. As we don't know if the NTSC C64mini is able to provide REU functionality to games who need it, we cannot make any reliable statements about Sam's Journey on the NTSC C64mini at the current time.