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Classic Knights of Bytes Logo
Knights of Bytes Logo
First Used In 1997, Re-Established In 2015

The Beginning

Knights of Bytes was founded in the 90s by Chester Kollschen as a game development label.

The team created and released some notable C64 games such as Ice Guys (1997), Bomb Mania (1998), and Metal Dust (2005), all distributed by Protovision.

Metal Dust marked the end of the team's C64 activities and they moved on to modern platforms under a different label.

New Games For Classic Systems

After a break of 10 years and inspired by the increasing public interest in retro computing and gaming, Chester Kollschen revived the Knights of Bytes game development label in 2015.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon and making retro-style games for modern machines, the Knights of Bytes took the exact opposite route: They are creating brand-new games for classic home computers and vintage video game consoles.

The team's first project was developed for the platform on which it all began: the C64.

Smash Hit Platformer: Sam's Journey

Sam's Journey is a fast-paced platformer about a cute little hero called Sam who finds himself on an unexpected journey in a strange world.

The game was developed for the C64 and can be compared to popular titles on the NES or the SNES in terms of features and size.

The very first teaser GIF was released on 1 April 2015 so that many people thought it was an April Fool's prank.

The Knights of Bytes presented a preview version of Sam's Journey at the 2016 gamescom exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

The game was released at Christmas Eve 2017 and received very positive reviews and critical acclaim. It sold 1250 copies within the first three months.

Sam's Journey is distributed by Protovision. There is a disk edition (2 disks) and a cartridge edition (with save option), both in a beautifully decorated cardboard box.

The Future

There are a number of candidates for the Knights of Bytes' next project after Sam's Journey such as a space shoot'em up and an action-adventure with RPG elements in a near-future science-fiction setting.

The team intends to use crowd-funding for their future projects in order to reduce non-retro-business and focus on game development.

Members Of The Order

The Knights of Bytes consist of the following people:

Sir Codalot

Chester Kollschen

Sir Pixalot

Stefan Gutsch
2D Artist

Sir Groovalot

Alex Ney