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Sam's Journey Available At

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Sam's Journey Download Edition At

As of today, Sam's Journey for the NES is available on as well!

Visit Sam's Journey Game Page At

Sam's Journey NES Ultimate Edition Prepared For Shipping

Good news for all those who pre-ordered a copy of the precious limited Ultimate Edition of Sam's Journey on the NES: Sebastian Bach of has just prepared them for shipping!

Sam's Journey NES Ultimate Edition at Poly.Play

The Ultimate Edition comes in a fancy big-box which magnetic closure. It contains:

The Ultimate Edition is limited to 100 units of which 50 have already been sold.

Rave Review In RetroMagazine World

RetroMagazine World IT #45
Cover Of RetroMagazine World, Issue #45

Sam's Journey on the NES received a rave review in issue #45 of the Italian RetroMagazine World.

Sam's Journey NES Review

From the review:

Beautiful and dynamic gameplay. Well-structured levels and many in-game goodies. One of the most beautiful platformers on the Nintendo NES of the last generation. – Carlo Nithaiah Del Mar Pirazzini, RetroMagazine World

Playability: 98 %
Longevity: 95 %

The full review can be found on page 50 in issue #45 of the free online magazine.

Sam got himself a Sizzler!

Retro Gamer UK #252 Cover
Cover of Retro Gamer UK Magazine, Issue #252

The British Retro Gamer magazine reviewed Sam's Journey on the NES and awarded it a score of 95 %!

Sam's Journey NES Review

A huge thanks to the staff! Glad you liked it!

More ]

From the review:

The incredibly cute graphics and stylish smooth-scrolling backgrounds have lots of variety, while Sam’s different costumes are great fun to use. […] This is as playable as the top NES platformers and deserves a place in your collection. – Retro Gamer UK #252

Rating: 95 %
Award: Retro Gamer Sizzler

The full review can be found on page 100 in issue #252 of the magazine.

Update on the Ultimate Edition

Update on the Sam's Journey Ultimate Edition: The delayed big boxes have finally arrived at poly⁠.⁠play!

Sam's Journey NES Ultimate Edition Box

With the puzzle now complete, shipping is planned to start this week.

Download Edition Available!

Don't have a NES at hand? No need to worry!

Sam's Journey NES Download Edition

Just get the Sam's Journey Download Edition at poly⁠.⁠play and enjoy the game in your favorite emulator!

Sam's Journey Officially Released!

With a huge bunch of pre-ordered copies sent out and a download version available, we call Sam's Journey on the NES officially released! Enjoy our trailer to get a glimpse of what expects you in the game:

Sam's Journey (NES) · Release Trailer
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If you wish to join the adventure on your NES or NES emulator, just head over to and browse the available editions and add-ons!

Next Batch Sent Out!

The next batch of Sam's Journey boxes has been sent out by

Next Batch of Sam's Journey

The exciting thing is that some of you might have already received it!

Cosmopolitan Sam

We're very pleased to see that the orders for Sam's Journey on the NES are pretty evenly split between NTSC and PAL so far.

Sam's Journey NTSC and PAL

It looks like Sam is a real cosmopolitan who found fans on both sides of the ocean.

Sam's Journey On The NES Begun

Sam's Journey on the NES has finally begun: The first boxes have just been packed and sent out by!

First Sam's Journey Boxes To Be Shipped

We are very excited to see which places in the world our little hero will travel to…

Sam is coming to you as well? Please let us know of his safe arrival by posting a picture on our social media channels.

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