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Manufacturing In Progress: First Cartridges Assembled

The very first cartridges have just been flashed …

Sam's Journey NES Cartridges 1

… assembled …

Sam's Journey NES Cartridges 2

… and labeled by

Gold Master Created And Submitted To Poly⁠.⁠Play!

We added the final touches, performed the final tests and created the final builds: Sam's Journey on the NES has just been submitted to for reproduction!

Sam's Journey NES Gold Master
Sam's Journey NES Gold Master
The very first cartridge to contain the finalized game

Shipping of the Standard Edition is expected to start this month. The Ultimate Edition will follow closely as soon as the big boxes arrive from the manufactory.

Finalized Boxes Arrived!

The boxes for the Standard Edition of Sam's Journey on the NES just arrived at poly⁠.⁠play - and they look great!

Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes 2
Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes

More ]

Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes 1

The boxes came in a huge package that got delivered to the doorsteps at's.

Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes 3

Sebastian from is checking the quality of the print …

Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes 4

… the folds …

Sam's Journey NES Standard Edition Boxes 5

… and the edges. All good!

And the boxes for the Ultimate Edition are on their way as well.

We're now aiming at a release in the course of February. Fingers crossed! And thanks for your patience!

Season's Greetings

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's also Sam's 6th birthday on the C64 – and he will celebrate his inception on the NES very soon!

Sam send Season's Greetings from the NES
Sam sends Season's Greeting from the NES

A huge thanks to all retro-gaming fans who pre-ordered our game! The unexpected delay of an important shipment may have spoiled our intended December release, but we will do our best to get it done and sent out to you as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

Shipment Stuck At Customs

We are currently awaiting a very important shipment from overseas that's been stuck at German customs for a month now.

Stuck At Customs

Both the sender and the receipient opened tickets, and the carrier has begun its research.

Unfortunately, this incident delays our production schedule. We'll keep you posted.

Costume Cards Arrived!

Next piece to the puzzle:

Sam's Journey NES Costume Cards 1

Sam's Journey NES Costume Cards 2

The Sam's Journey costume cards just arrived at poly⁠.⁠play!

And we're in luck: a full set of seven cards fits perfectly in the dust sleeve along with the game cartridge without things getting too tight.

Cartridge Labels Arrived!

Just in:

Sam's Journey NES Cartridge Labels

The cartridge labels for Sam's Journey arrived at!

Double Gold Medal For Sam In Italian Zzap! Magazine

The Italian Zzap! magazine published an extensive review of Sam's Journey on the NES as well as the C64 - and both versions were awarded a Zzap! Gold Medal!

Zzap! Italy Issue 10/95 Cover
Cover Of Zzap! Italy Magazine, Issue #10/95

NES Verdict

From the NES review:

More ]

Zzap! Italy Sam's Journey Review NES

Il platformer assoluto del C64 si conferma un capolavoro anche su NES. – Zzap! Italy

The absolute platformer on the C64 is confirmed as a masterpiece on the NES as well. – Zzap! Italy (translated)

Rating: 95%
Award: Zzap! Gold Medal

C64 Verdict

From the C64 review:

Zzap! Italy Sam's Journey Review C64

Se fosse uscito ai tempi d’oro, probabilmente lo ricorderemmo come il Mario del C64. – Zzap! Italy

If it had come out in its heyday, we would probably remember it as the Mario of the C64. – Zzap! Italy (translated)

Rating: 97%
Award: Zzap! Gold Medal

Full Reviews

The full reviews start at page 36 in issue #10/95 of the magazine.

Sam's Journey Review In Debug Magazine

Sam's Journey on the NES received its first review in a printed magazine! The British indie gaming guide Debug took a closer look at our game.

Debug Magazine Issue #3
Cover Of Debug Magazine, Issue #3

From the review:

With fluid gameplay, a vast amount of levels and delightful jingles to accompany you, Sam’s Journey is an absolute must for platform fans and one of the best indie games I have played this year. – Marc Jowett, Team Debug


The full review can be found on page 75 in issue #3 of the magazine.

Debug focuses on indie gaming. Not only do they present the newest titles; they also talk to game designers and give you insights into the development process.

Circuit Boards Arrived!

Safe, sound, and earlier than expected:

Sam's Journey NES Circuit Boards

The circuit boards for Sam's Journey on the NES just arrived at poly⁠.⁠play!

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