Sam's Disco Fever

On his journey through the strange world, Sam discovers another costume, and this one comes with a twist!

The Beautiful World of Sam's Journey
and Disco Fever in the Desert

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In the first part of today's video, you can see the beautiful world of Sam's Journey from a bird's-eye view. Very much like a map, it features different regions and a path that leads to many locations for Sam to visit.

The panel below reveals the name of Sam's current location and indicates whether or not he discovered all secret passages and found every hidden item in it.

In the second part of the video, Sam finds a purple costume on his way through the desert. This one gives him a really cool look and a new twisting move that enables him to fall with style...

The Beautiful World of Sam's Journey Sam presents his Cool New Look Falling with Style: Disco Sam's Twisting Move

Sam will be starring in Sam's Journey, a brand-new original scrolling platform game for the Commodore 64 with huge levels to be explored, hidden items to be found and secret passages to be discovered.