Sam's Journey NES Soundtrack Available!

The soundtrack from Sam's Journey on the NES is now available at Poly.Play!

Sam Journey NES Soundtrack CD
Sam's Journey NES Soundtrack On CD

You'll get 19 beautiful and versatile tracks plus an additional bonus track! Have a look at the complete track list:

Opening with a catchy upbeat title song, the soundtrack features a very versatile set of skillfully crafted chiptunes that perfectly capture the specific mood and atmosphere of each part of Sam's world.

Sam Journey NES Soundtrack MC
There's also a cassette …

Sam Journey NES Soundtrack LP
… and even an LP!

From the happy tune in the forest over the melancholic tune in the icy world to the dramatic tune in the haunted castle, the players are provided with an immersive audio experience that complements the game's visual style and gameplay.

Get the soundtrack at Poly.Play!

Note: The Ultimate Edition of Sam's Journey comes with the CD included!