Protovision To Distribute Sam's Journey

It may not be the biggest surprise for those of you who followed our C64 history, but it's now officially confirmed: The Knights of Bytes teamed up with Protovision for the distribution of Sam's Journey!

Sam Goes Protovision
Sam Goes Protovision

As it happens, our friends at Protovision just came up with a brand-new box for their future games.

It's a classic cardboard box which can be decorated with a printed cover. Inside the box, there will be one of two inlays that holds either some disks or a cartridge, and there's enough space left for a manual and some additional items.

So, basically, it's the perfect box for Sam's Journey!

Also, we've worked with Protovision several times in the past and we're looking forward to doing it again in order to present you a great release! :-)


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