First Glimpse At Sam's Journey Cardboard Box

Protovision have just released the first pictures of their cardboard box for Sam's Journey - and it looks awesome!

Sam's Journey C64 Cardboard Box
The Front Of The Cardboard Box For Sam's Journey.
Curious What's Inside? Stay Tuned!

Our friends at Protovision just received the first batch of decorated cardboard boxes for Sam's Journey from the manufactory. Every single box is a unique piece of handcraft. Two high-quality printed sheets are wrapped around the front and the back part of the box. What a result!

Sam's Journey C64 Cardboard Boxes
The First Batch Of Boxes - And We Need A Lot More!

As Sam's Journey is going to be a new full-price title for the C64, we would like its physical distribution to be a value package like in the heyday of this great machine. We think this box makes a good start. Curious what's inside? Stay tuned!