Evaluating Cartridge Boards For Sam

Creating a video game like Sam's Journey is very much about writing code, designing worlds, drawing graphics and composing tunes. All of those tasks result in a huge bunch of digital data.

But digital data alone is not the end of the story. If we want our Sam to look cool on the store shelves, things must get physical! And one of the things we need is a cartridge board to store the game on.

Evaluating NES Cartridge PCBs
A Collection Of Circuit Boards For NES Cartridges

There are quite some circuit boards available for NES game productions, all of them with their own benefits and flaws. We ordered a collection of those boards to evaluate which model suits best the requirements of our game.

This is a very exciting step in the development of Sam's Journey on the NES as it also marks the game's transition from a project to a product. Stay tuned!